Ignorance Is No Defense
Ignorance Is No Defense North Carolina
Ignorance Is No Defense
Ignorance Is No Defense is Available 11/1/07

Through real-life examples, Ignorance Is No Defense explains Georgia laws to teenagers in easy-to-understand language. With a primary focus on criminal laws, Ignorance Is No Defense not only describes what the law requires but also teenagers’ rights under the law. Author J.Tom Morgan, a highly respected former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer, provides straightforward information and valuable insights to help teenagers avoid violating the law and avoid being victims of crime.

About the Author

J.Tom Morgan

J.Tom Morgan is a nationally recognized expert on the prosecution of crimes against children and served as the District Attorney of DeKalb County, Georgia for twelve years.

Excerpts from the Book

DID YOU KNOW that a person under 21 years old can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) if the person’s alcohol concentration is .02 grams or higher?

For most people under 21 years old, drinking one beer or one glass of wine or one mixed drink will cause their alcohol concentration to be .02 grams or higher. There is no “safe” amount to drink and still be able to drive without impairment.

DID YOU KNOW that when you wake up on your 17th birthday, you are an adult under Georgia’s criminal laws?

DID YOU KNOW that if you have a fake ID in Georgia that it is a crime, and depending on the type of ID and how you use it, you can be charged with a felony?

DID YOU KNOW that if you give a prescription drug to a friend, you can both be charged with a crime?

DID YOU KNOW that you can be charged with statutory rape regardless of whether you are a girl or a boy?

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