Ignorance Is No Defense
Ignorance Is No Defense North Carolina
About the Book

Ignorance Is No Defense is a practical, convenient guide for teenagers on laws in Georgia. Packed with useful – and sometimes surprising – information about laws and consequences for violating laws, this book will help teenagers make safe, informed choices. Ignorance Is No Defense covers a wide range of important topics, including the following:

  • The Fundamentals
    Overview of crimes and punishment, rights of a teenager in searches and arrests, parties to a crime, prosecution of adults and juveniles, going to court
  • What's the Crime?
    • Drugs and Alcohol: underage drinking and adult liability, false IDs, marijuana and other illegal drugs, prescription drugs, DUI
    • Vehicles: vehicular homicide, reckless driving, racing, aggressive driving, hit and run, other driving violations
    • Sex Crimes: statutory rape, rape and other sex crimes with force, sex crimes against children
    • Harm to People: physical and mental abuse of children, assault and battery, robbery and armed robbery, murder and voluntary manslaughter, self-defense
    • Harm to Property: stealing, criminal trespass, vandalism, other acts of invading property
    • More Crimes: criminal street gang, weapons, public indecency, gambling
  • Extra Stuff
    Driving cars and boats, body piercing, tattooing, tobacco, loitering, and more

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"J.Tom Morgan, using his expertise as both a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer, explains the law in a manner that is both readable and informative and uses real-life examples that are relevant for teenagers."

Judge Martha K. Glaze
Retired Juvenile Court Judge
Clayton County, GA